Faded Blue Floral Painted Ikat Kalamkari Dupatta

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About the dupatta: Beautifully hand painted Kalamkari ikat cotton dupatta in natural colours of blue and red. Hand painted ikat dupatta, this is a heritage to be owned and passed on.

The Process that goes behind the crafting of these exquisite fabrics is long and labourous one.

It begins with the unbleached cloth being dipped in a solution of myrobalan and buffalo milk to form an insoluble material, which clings firmly to the fibres of the cloth. This is followed by drawing the outlines of the art work with kalam dipped in a 15-day solution of iron filings and jaggery. Natural colours such as indigo, alum and madder are now filled in, the cloth dried and the piece washed in the running waters of Swarnamukhi river. The Kalamkari piece is now ready - a collage of mythology, religion, history, geography, stroke work and the intense dedication of the artist.

Material: Handwoven Ikat Cotton

Dimensions: Width: 34 inches, Length: 2.3 meters