Block Printed Cotton Saree

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      57 products

      Cotton Printed Sarees

      Cotton printed sarees offer a pure and comforting ease, making them the most preferred choice for Indian women. Ideal for everyday wear, especially during the summer months, these sarees have a rich history dating back to the ancient civilization of India.

      The Heritage of Cotton:

      The word "cotton" originates from the Arabic word "quton," and its production dates back to India's fifth millennium B.C. The country holds a significant place in cotton's history, having invented the first cotton gin in the thirteenth century, a tool that separates cotton fluff from plant seeds.

      Strength and Versatility:

      Unlike other cellulosic fibers, cotton becomes stronger when wet, adding to its durability and versatility. Whether you wear it for casual outings or special occasions, cotton printed sarees stand the test of time and continue to be a beloved wardrobe staple..
      At Matkatus, we present a diverse collection of Block Printed Cotton sarees in Ajrak, Sanganeri, Bagru, Dabu, Bagh, and Handwoven Sarees in Pochampally and Sambalpuri. Additionally, explore the elegance of Mul Mul cotton sarees, all thoughtfully curated to offer you a range of choices that reflect India's rich craft traditions.
      Cotton printed sarees not only provide unparalleled comfort but also embody the essence of Indian culture and traditions. Celebrate the timeless beauty of cotton and showcase your style with the stunning collection of cotton sarees available at Matkatus. Embrace the heritage and elegance of these sarees as you create timeless memories in every drape.

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