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      Printed stoles

      Printed stoles hold a unique charm, stemming from the ancient textile art of hand block printing. This traditional method involves carving intricate patterns on wooden blocks, which are then used to transfer eco-friendly dyes onto stretched fabric. Join us as we explore the beauty and craftsmanship behind hand block printed stoles, a labor-intensive process that yields stunning results.

      The Printing Process:

      Delving into the heart of hand block printing, the fabric is tightly stretched on a printing table. A color sieve, filled with a blend of dye and starch paste, is employed to create the vibrant colors. This eco-friendly approach has been a hallmark of this art form, resonating with conscious consumers seeking sustainable fashion.

      From Tradition to Innovation:

      Once limited to traditional Indian motifs, hand block printing has evolved with time. Artisans can now engrave various contemporary designs on wood, adding a touch of modernity to the printed fabric. The process, although time-consuming, showcases the dedication and passion of these artists, taking around seven to ten days to complete.

      Matkatus proudly presents a wide range of exquisite hand block printed stoles in Sanganeri, Dabu, Bagru, and Ajrak prints. From Silk and Cotton to Silk Cotton blends, our collection embodies the artistic finesse and authenticity of this traditional craft. Discover the elegance of hand block printed stoles and embrace the cultural legacy with every drape.

      Printed stoles created through the intricate hand block printing technique reflect the convergence of artistry, tradition, and sustainability. As you drape yourself in the beauty of these unique pieces, you become part of a centuries-old legacy that continues to captivate and inspire. Experience the richness of hand block printing with Matkatus, where each stole is a testament to the dedication of skilled artisans and the time-honored beauty of this ancient textile art.

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