Love is in the Air !

It’s the season when Cupid strikes, when eyes meet, hearts swell with joy and red roses spread their charm! It’s that time of the year when we take some time out to express our love for our special someone. Yes, love is definitely in the air, isn’t it?

Love is more than a fleeting feeling; it is in fact one of the most beautiful emotions on earth that brings out the best in us. But is love only about stolen glances, butterflies in the belly, and romantic getaways? Well, there’s more to love than what rom-coms portray. 

There are all kinds of love in this wonderful world. Love comes in different shapes and shades - be it romantic love, the love between parents and children, the love for your 2 am friend, or for that matter the love between any two people. There’s no one definition or category we can box it in! 

But, if we had to describe ‘love’, we could say it’s like a cozy blanket that wraps us on a cold winter morning. Or the aroma of hot coffee tantalising our senses!

Love is not just the start of a relationship; it’s the foundation that relationships are built on, it’s the energy that keeps people going each day, it’s the very essence of life itself. Yes, what’s life without love!

We see love in every act of kindness, every little babble of a toddler, the hot samosas prepared by grandmothers, the warmth of a mother’s lap, the sweet melody of birds on a lazy morning, the colourful flowers that steal our hearts … Every frame in this world is filled with love.

Love is for every day and every person. But is it enough to just feel love and have love in us? We think it’s also important to express it and share it with others - in whatever ways we can.

Matkatus would like to help you in this - in our own little way, as we showcase a range of handcrafted beauties that you can choose from to surprise your loved ones.

How about an embroidered stole for your mother or grandmother? Or a beautiful linen saree for your girlfriend or wife? Or some handwoven fabric for a friend or family member? In all these creations, you will find the labour of love of the artisan who painstakingly crafted each product with care and flair.

The smile on your loved one’s face as they receive your thoughtful gift is a precious treat to savour! Make your Valentine’s Day special and memorable by spreading love and surrounding yourself with love.

As for us, you are our Valentine. You make every day special for us and add meaning to every step we take. We promise to work hard and delight you with our offerings and service.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to find the perfect gift that will add beauty to your life and the lives of friends and family. Take your pick from classic Ikats, lovely linens, easy-breezy Kota dupattas, alluring Ajraks, charming Chanderi sarees and much more! Surprise your loved ones with fine goodies from

While you browse through our collections, you may also give your heart what it desires. Yes, Valentine’s Day is also about pampering oneself as self-love is a great way to nurture confidence and nourish your life with peace and happiness.

Dream without fear and love without limits!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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