Need Help?

1. How to place an Order?

It is simpler than ever, add the product to your cart and browse through to keep adding. Once you have finalized click on your cart at the top and click ‘Check out’ .

Step 1 : Enter your shipping details, if you have an account it will be prepopulated for you.

Step 2 : Shipping method appears, click Continue

Step 3 : Select your payment mode and click Continue.

Once the payment mode is completed you will see the success page and an email will be sent to your email ID.

For more details watch this video.



2. My Matkatus account is not valid in the new site, what should I do?

 Even though you had you had Matkatus account previously, you will have to create a new account. You can create a new account using the ‘Create account’ option at the top menu bar. Enter your Name and email ID, and you will receive an activation email with which you can activate your account.

3. I see more than one product in my cart but I’ve added only one fabric from running material. Why is this happening?

 Please note that in running material you are ordering in the ranges of 0.5 meter, so if you order 2 meter in the same fabric, the system sees it as 0.5*4 products hence it is shown as 4 products, but effectively it is just 2 meter of the same fabric. 

4. How is the pricing calculated for Running Material section?

 Since you are ordering in ranges of 0.5 meter, the unit price is also for 0.5 meter. When you select 2 meter i.e 0.5*4 meter, the price for it will be 0.5 meter price *4. You will see the per meter price of the fabric in the product description page.

5. I have ordered for 3 meter fabric, but the invoice says it is 0.5 * 6. Will I get it as 6 pieces of 0.5 meter or one piece of 3 meter fabric?

The running material section has an option of selecting fabric lengths in 0.5 meter ranges. Hence the numbers are represented as 0.5 meter pieces. But mostly the fabrics are in single piece. So if you order 3 meter you will get it as 3 meter single piece in most cases.

6. Can I Pay through Paypal?

 Yes, For Customers Outside of India, Paypal option is available, you can choose Paypal as the payment option while placing the order. Your order will be placed and you will receive a Paypal payment request from our team within 24 hours.

7. I received a mail saying that my order is shipped but I didn't get the tracking number. Where can I see my order tracking number?

In the email, you will see a button which says view my order, you can check your tracking status by clicking on the button.

8. What are the new features in the website?

There are quite a few added features along with enhanced user experience in the new website.

  1. Option to buy running material in the range of 0.5 meter
  2. Add products to your wish list
  3. Option to reset your Matkatus Account password
  4. Option to save your address during checkout
  5. Multiple payment options in online payment mode